Here is a small collection of my personal and professional work. 

Heidi Monsant Art - Dungeons and Dragons Commission - Fantasy art

“Dungeons and Dragons commission” - Acrylic painting on Watercolour paper (A1) - completed October 2020
I was commissioned to recreate a particularly legendary battle that a party survived in a dungeons and dragons campaign, set in Middle earth from the Lord of the rings world. This painting depicts a clash between a Nazgul death knight’s army and a motley party of heroes.


Coexist - fantasy landscape art by Heidi Monsant
“Coexist” digital painting - December 2020
This is a personal piece inspired by vast cinematic landscape scenes that are seen most often in fantasy movies. Coexist suggests a more amicable joining of the natural and man made worlds - where we can appreciate its beauty without impacting it. 


Forgotten Cave - sword in the stone, King Arthur fantasy art by Heidi Monsant“Forgotten Cave” ink drawing with digital colour - November 2019

Etsy Bestseller

This piece was first sketched in October 2019 as part of the #Inktober Instagram challenge, and then coloured in November using Procreate on IPad. Inspired by the legend of King Arthur and the sword in the stone, this piece evokes a sense of mystery - will the sword ever be found, or will it remain forgotten for the ages? 



Goldfish - underwater art by Heidi monsant
“Goldfish” - Digital painting - February 2020
Personal work inspired by my Scuba diving experiences. I’ve always felt at peace in the water, and wanted to capture how sea life navigates the danger of open water to find the safety of the reef. I used goldfish here because they are out of place in the ocean and would be incredibly vulnerable. 

“Searching for our new home” - space colony ship planet art by Heidi Monsant
“Searching for our new Home” - digital painting - December 2020
I wanted to imagine what it would be like being on a colony ship. If we outgrew the earth and had to set off into the unknown to find somewhere new. This painting is a musing on how people will find beauty and magic to focus on, even in such an uncertain environment. It also explores how a parent would take immeasurable risk to find safety and a future for their children. 

Islands in the Moonlight - acrylic landscape painting by Heidi Monsant
“Islands in the Moonlight” - Acrylic on Canvas, 30x40 inches - February 2020
This is the largest painting I have done so far, and it was a personal work inspired by the colours of the moonlight. The islands are simultaneously peaceful, magical and dangerous in the light of the moon.